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Booty out everyday shape wear short stretchy

Booty out everyday shape wear short stretchy

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1. Open butt design increases hip capacity;
2. Front hooks closure for convenient to wear; 
3. Glue dripping at the foot opening to prevent curling;
4. One glue bone on both sides of the waist to prevent curling;
5. 3-layer fabric design for enhanced abdominal compression.

Material: 70%Nylon+30%Spandex







How To Wear It?


1. Make sure all hooks, clasps and zippersare open From a sealed position lakethe butt lifter by the sides and put onefoot at a time into i Pull the butt lifter up to your knees.

2. Stand up, and spread your legsapart and continue lto pull the garmen! up to a comfortable fit.

3. Use a mirror to check thatthe garment has not rolled up and is in itsrightful position. To close the zipper.


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